Keeping your eyes healthy is important, especially for those who have undergone LASIK Surgery. Whether you’re preparing for the procedure, or you’ve already had your vision improved through LASIK surgery, you’ll want to know the best ways to maintain your eye health and safeguard your vision.

What Happens After LASIK Surgery

The healing process following LASIK surgery is quick and most patients experience little or no pain. Typically, you are able to resume most normal activities the next day and return to work within one or two days after your procedure. It is imperative to follow your post-operative care instructions of your eye surgeon for a quick, successful recovery.

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The First Day

The eyes may itch, be sensitive to touch, and light-sensitive. The eyes may also be red or bloodshot. Vision may be slightly blurred and clarity may fluctuate. These symptoms will subside as the eye heals over the next week. Some patients also experience dry eyes post-surgery and it’s vital to keep the eye clean and well-lubricated during this period.


Ensuring your eyes are clean after LASIK is important to accelerate your recovery and prevent complications.

Follow your doctor’s instruction after LASIK to keep your eyes clean.

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Ensuring Hydration & Comfort

Due to stress on the corneal nerves, you might experience dry eyes temporarily after LASIK – even if you may not have had this condition before.

Keeping your eyes lubricated is important for optimizing your recovery rate and enhancing vision quality and comfort. To minimize irritation, choose an eye drop that is preservative free with a gentle formula and natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid.1, 2

Follow your Doctor’s recommendation of the use of lubricating eye drops after your surgery.

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Exercise Care With Eye Makeup

Follow your Doctors instructions regarding the use of make-up in the post-operative period.


Damage from harmful UVA & UVB rays may contribute to scarring immediately following LASIK surgery, so make sure you’re wearing your UV-filtering sunglasses when you are outdoors.

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