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Singapore’s Millennials as “Eye” See It

‘Insights into Eyesight’ survey was done in 2015, 507 Singapore Millennials between the age of 21-35 were interviewed to understand their lifestyle aspirations and the impact of vision on living an active lifestyle. Here are some highlights of the survey:

icon-glassesThree out of four millennials blame poor vision for inconveniences faced in their daily life, affecting work and study

icon-glasses92% cite convenience as reasons for wanting laser vision correction

icon-glassesMost millennials want an active sporting lifestyle without the burden of spectacles and lenses

The survey gave a glimpse into the kind of active and sporting lifestyle the millennials aspired to most, without the hassle of spectacles and contact lenses:

  • 86% want to pursue water sports such as swimming, surfing and sailing
  • 80% want to go hiking, cycling or jogging;
  • 79% want to travel;
  • 78% want adventurous activities such as bungee jumping or rock climbing; and
  • 75% just want to play ball: football, basketball, etc.
  • 93% of those surveyed who underwent laser vision correction said it improved their overall life experiences at work and in their career, as well as brightening their dating prospects.